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Franklin Township's Road Department


The Franklin Township Road Crew is comprised of one Road Foreman and four Full-Time employees. They, under the leadership of the Road Foreman, are responsible for all aspects of road maintenance such as maintaining all Township roads, including street sweeping cleaning gutters, installing and maintaining all street signs, mowing and cutting brush along the roadways, patching potholes, snow removal. They have the responsibility to maintain all township equipment, buildings, parking lots, and recreational areas. Each year the Road Foreman chooses a road construction project to complete which is partially funded by Liquid Fuels funds received from the State each year.


Snow Removal: The Road Department will try to get the streets plowed and cindered as quickly as possible. Priority will be given to those streets with the greatest volume of traffic and school bus routes.


Please Note:  For the Road Department to give the best possible service - Fences, trees, shrubs, decorations, and mailboxes should not be placed within the Township right of way, so the Road Crew can do a thorough job of maintaining proper drainage and complete snow removal effectively.

Kim Hunsicker
Interim Road Foreman
Joe Eremus
Road Crew Member
Shawn Yeakel
Road Crew Member
Robert Gable
Road Crew Member
Justin Andrews
Road Crew Member
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